Detroit Forsaken Images

A migratory flock of ducks disperses in flight over the Detroit River.
A grand ballroom inside the Lee Plaza Hotel echoes Motown's glory days. A now silent piano, performed for hotel guests and those living in luxury apartments, remains shrouded by boarded windows.
The fractioning of the Detroit community is reflected in the desolate facades of the remaining homes and businesses. As these buildings are left vacant, the void is filled with acts of break-ins, vandalism and defacement.
All photography by Ryan Spencer Reed

How are you all?
It's been a REALLY long time since I've posted.I'm great. I've just been busy.

I celebrated my friend's birthday few days ago, and I got together with my friends.
I don't know.  But when I saw my friends, I thought there's a good chance we make a new start.
Sometimes down, but it's important to keep up the work.
It'll get better. And we can make a new start any time.
Thanks a lot.